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What is it?

A carefully curated collection of interesting stuff delivered via the mail every month.

We are currently working on bringing into the world for reals!

The beta is now over. I may send some more out before we go live with the production website and smile letters.
Stay Tuned...

December 2018


November 2018


October 2018


October was Halloween Themed and included Halloween Stickers, Batman Forever Movie Cards, a Yogi Bear Fortune Teller and Scratch and Sniff Stickers.

September 2018

September was BACK TO SCHOOL. It included some Saved By the Bell cards and some great stickers you can use to decorate your stuff. I also included a bill that featured Greyhounds. Dogs remind me of school for some reason. I also included a post card that is from a set of cards that are reproduced book covers from Penguin.

August 2018

August reminds me of the end of summer. When I was young I would buy weird cards, comic books and music. I wanted to try to recreate that for other people. This was the first month we sent out letters that didn't have a folding greeting card. I opted instead for two postcards. One was an animal post card and the other was the cover of a DC comic. I also included some Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, and Mars Attack cards. To top it off I added a set of 1991 ProSet Music Cards which are collectible cards of popular recording artists.

July 2018

When I think of July I think of Independence Day! So I got cards that were Independence Day themed. Dinosaurs attacking National Monuments is pretty American. "YO! MTV Raps" and rap music in general is very American. I put in some Fireworks glasses (Which ARE amazing!) as well.

June 2018

June was about Action Movies! I love action movies so I added stuff from two of the best action movies ever, Last Action Hero and Rocky. I also threw in a piece of paper with seeds in it that grow into wildflowers. June is a good time to start flowers.

May 2018

May was about the start of summer. May is about flowers, peppers and baseball! So I put all of those things in the letter. The small butterfly paper is paper with seeds that grow into wildflowers. I also put some random iron on patches in the letter.

April 2018

April was inspired by Infocom games. I loved buying these when I was young because the games were great and you got stuff with the game called "Feelies". I tried to recreate that experience.
If you'd like to play Zork Click Here.

March 2018

March was St. Patricks day. The only hard part about this one was creating the necklaces by hand. The first twenty were hard, after that it was easy.


Frame the Things

A friend of mine mentioned how they were taking the contents and making framed art!

So I tried that out with amazing results!

To do this you are going to need:

Assembly is easy use the black velvet as a background by attaching it to the cardboard backing of the frame, secure the items and assemble the frame. Only tip I can provide here is clean the glass before reassembling the frame.

The MCS frames are tricky to remove the glass and add it back. Work on a corner then the next corner to remove the glass, and be careful. Get an adult to help you!

If you are doing interesting things with the SmileLetters let us know by tweeting to @MrShifflet or emailing us! Even if it's not interesting let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is it?
    A carefully curated collection of interesting stuff delivered via the mail every month. Basically it's a letter containing cool stuff! The letters weigh under two ounces and typically contain three or more interesting things.
  • When do they go out?
    We try to send them the last week of the month.
  • When will I receive it?
    Typically for USA you should receive it within four days after we mail them. For international it depends, it maybe one to two weeks.
  • What is in it?
    There are pictures and notes about each month to the left of this column. Typically it contains a mixture of:
    • Cool Stuff
    • Post Cards
    • Stickers
    • Collectible Cards (Baseball, Magic, Movies, TV Shows)
    • Anything flat that doesn't weigh a lot
  • How much does it cost?
    We are in beta as we work out the kinks. Right now it's FREE! We can't accept everybody due to costs, but you can use the sign up form above and we will try our best to deliver a smile.